How to Get Your Home Business-Ready



As remote working becomes increasingly normalized, millions of Americans are carving out space in the house where they can work productively, file paperwork, and stage video calls. From redesigns to renovations, there are now plenty of options available to homeowners, and the time is right to embrace the home office.


Redesigning the Office


The cheapest, easiest option for those with existing home offices is simply to redesign. This can be as simple as rearranging furniture or as elaborate as repainting the walls. A redesign, for no major cost, can transform a stale storage area into a working haven. Just remember, whatever you have in mind, it’s important to have a clear idea of your spatial and storage requirements.


To meet your criteria, you’ll want to review your available furniture. Purchasing new office movables can be expensive and add to clutter, and it’s not always possible to get exactly what you need.


Sometimes, the better option is to repurpose existing furniture. This often gives you more control over the shape and appearance of the item. You can easily find local reupholstery services online. But remember, before you hire anyone to restore an item of furniture, it’s important to check reviews and carry out background checks in order to avoid any potential scams. You can also call directly and get a quote to ensure that you’re comfortable with pricing. The cost of service is usually dependent on item size, fabric, and any custom specifications.


Making Renovations


A step up from redesigning, renovations (or modernizations) can completely transform the potential of your home for business. This is a costlier option and, before you do anything drastic, it’s worth going through the usual precautions - taking measurements, calculating costs, and consulting with the appropriate experts. You may even be able to deduct the cost of repairing an office space from your federal tax return - although this will depend upon the scope of the work you plan to have done.


When deciding upon which changes you want to make, you should consider how these might affect your work productivity. For example, good light can have a significant effect on efficiency and, therefore, you may want to have new windows installed or to situate your office in a bright room. You may also find that business has taken off to such an extent that you need extra space to work. If that’s the case, you could consider knocking down walls to expand your workspace or erecting them to protect yourself from the distracting noise of the kitchen/living room.


Buying a New Home


Working from home means spending more time at home, and you might want to take seriously the prospect of transitioning to a property that better accommodates your new professional reality. Estimates show that a home office can increase the worth of a property by 10% so bear in mind that you may be required to pay extra for the privilege. A good ethos is, rather than shopping for a property with a designated office space, look for ones with extra space in general. Living rooms, bedrooms and sometimes even garden sheds can often be converted into excellent workstations.


Another key business consideration is the location of your next property. Although physical distance plays a smaller role in the ongoings of business, you’ll still want to factor in broadband connection, being within range of suppliers, distance from the CBD, and proximity to clients - in addition to any personal or familial amenities, such as schools. It can be easy to get carried away with the liberation of remote working, but you should take precautions not to isolate yourself too extremely from the rest of the business ecosystem.


Ultimately, for those working under flexible conditions, the home office is deserving of your time and consideration. Deciding how you’re going to develop your space is key for long-term earnings and healthier work life. Century 21 MK Realty can help you find your next property. Start your search today! (718) 627-7390


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Tina Martin stays busy as a life coach and works hard to help herself and her clients achieve a healthy work-life balance. She started Ideaspired as a side project to reach as many people as possible and encourage them to put their dreams first.