7 Reasons to Move to Brooklyn in 2022


If you are even considering moving to Brooklyn, you can count yourself lucky. One of the most popular and most populated boroughs in NYC has something to offer everyone, whether you're a recent graduate, a parent, an artist, or you don't feel like dealing with the exorbitant costs of living in Manhattan. There are plenty more compelling reasons to move to Brooklyn, and if you continue reading, you'll find seven that will probably inspire you to start looking for your new home.

Reasons that will make you want to move to Brooklyn now

In recent years, Brooklyn has become the city's hippest and most desirable location, attracting a diverse crowd of young families, young professionals, hipsters, and artists to its enclaves of Bushwick and Williamsburg. Most visitors to New York City imagine the hustle and glamour of Manhattan, but Brooklyn has so much to offer that it could easily stand on its own as a top destination.


Still not convinced that you should start looking for movers to help you relocate to Brooklyn? Well, continue reading! We're positive you'll start planning your move and researching expert help in the area way before you reach reason seven on our list. 

#1 Variety of neighborhoods to choose from

Brooklyn consists of nearly fifty distinct neighborhoods. It contains a wide variety of communities, each with its particular population makeup and economic standing. For example, Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hill, parts of Red Hook, and Brooklyn Heights all have new houses on the market for prices far lower than the city's average.

If you're considering making Brooklyn your new home, it's a good idea to check out the various areas and even individual streets to see which ones seem the most excellent fit for you and your budget. Even better, consult your knowledgeable Brooklyn real estate team, and they'll surely be able to recommend areas that best fit your lifestyle as well as your financial situation.

#2 It's easy to move around Brooklyn

Although it is more convenient to have a car in Brooklyn than in Manhattan, parking can be difficult and costly, depending on where you live and work. Here, the convenience of New York City's subway system becomes apparent. Instead of driving and trying to locate parking in New York, take the train from Atlantic Pacific, Brooklyn's primary subway gateway, to anywhere in the city. It's a simple, cost-effective, and, most importantly, quick solution

#3 It offers plenty of business opportunities

You may assume that everyone knows about Brooklyn because it's simply a fancy borough, but the reality is quite different. Brooklyn is also a major hub for New York's public and private sectors. According to the numbers, more than half of all new companies began in that very location. In 2022, small companies combined with social media left an indelible effect on Brooklyn. 

So if your goal is to start a small business, we can't think of a better place to move to than Brooklyn. Plus, because of Brooklyn’s' massive online following, people will quickly be talking about your company. Be prepared for new customers! 

#4 Brooklyn will give you a sense of community

Gentrification has eroded the feeling of community in many New York City neighborhoods. Even while Brooklyn hasn't been spared from this transformation, the borough has managed to keep its own culture and character intact. Each borough of Brooklyn has its own rich history and character. Some of them, surprisingly, have even kept their ethnic identities intact! There are several Italian-American communities in Brooklyn that have managed to preserve their own culture and history.

#5 Brooklyn is a true foodie paradise

When it comes to innovative cuisine, Brooklyn is unrivaled. There is something for every eater in this borough. Take Smorgasburg as an example. It's the biggest weekly open-air food market in the US, serving as a gathering place for 20,000 to 30,000 people every Saturday. The cuisine is excellent and quite varied, with delicacies from throughout the world that you could never have access to otherwise. Plus, you get to enjoy all of this in the scenic Prospect Park, just over the East River from the breathtaking skyline of Manhattan.

Another great place to eat in Brooklyn is at the DeKalb Market Hall. It's a 60,000-square-foot food court with 40 different vendors, including both established and up-and-coming Brooklyn restaurants like the ultra-hip Bunker in Bushwick and the Southern-inspired Wilma Jean in Carroll Gardens. At A Taste of Katz's, Brooklyn's gourmets don't have to go all the way to the Lower East Side to enjoy the restaurant's world-famous pastrami sandwich.

#6 Stunning rooftop views

If you want to see the stars every night and Manhattan across the East River, Brooklyn is your best bet. Even though the vistas in Manhattan are beautiful, it's impossible to see the city in its entirety due to the sheer number of towers. Brooklyn residents have the privilege to enjoy unobstructed views of the cityscape at all times. 

#7 Fun never stops at Brooklyn

Lastly, one of the main reasons to move to Brooklyn is that fun is one of the things you'll never lack there. You surely won't be let down by this borough's many sights, and with a selection so extensive, absolutely everyone will find something to their liking.

For instance, if you are outdoorsy, you can enjoy Brooklyn Bridge Park and Prospect Park, which are just two of Brooklyn's many stunning parks. Or, if you are a party animal, you won't have to go to Manhattan as in Brooklyn; the nightlife is just as vibrant but without that pretentious feel that you might get in Manhattan's clubs and bars. It's easy to find a club that features both live music and DJ sets every night of the week. There are plenty of places to go out dancing in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is also well-known for stand-up comedy evenings, which are sure to please any humorist. The borough of Brooklyn is also home to several museums. The many art institutions and celebrations are sure to wow you. Plus, there are plenty of free options. You can always find out what's going on in Brooklyn by checking their website or asking around town. 

Do you need more reasons to move to Brooklyn?

If these are not enough, there are plenty more reasons to start packing and move to Brooklyn in 2022. But don't trust our word for it - simply take a short subway ride, and you'll quickly realize what we mean. So, wait no more; reach out to an experienced real estate team from NYC and start looking for a hip Brooklyn place to call your own. Better hurry up, though, because its popularity is only growing stronger.