Best Areas for Raising a Family in Brooklyn

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It is easy to become overwhelmed when deciding where to relocate your family. The possibilities are endless, and most people are afraid that they will make a bad choice. However, we believe you won't make a mistake if you relocate to Brooklyn.  Brooklyn is quickly becoming one of the most desirable in New York. That is mostly the case because of Brooklyn's exciting cultural scene, excellent dining options, spacious parks, and promising business climate. It's great for families and young people, entrepreneurs, and artists. Getting settled in this New York City borough will indeed be an ordeal. However, it's worth it once you see everything it offers. Therefore, to help you choose, we'll discuss the best areas for raising a family in Brooklyn.

1. Dumbo

When deciding where in Brooklyn to relocate, we recommend examining Dumbo first. Older generations from Brooklyn knows Dumbo by its old name: "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass." However, due to the influx of new residents and businesses in recent years, Dumbo has become the preferred moniker.  That said, what makes Dumbo a great place for raising a family in Brooklyn because of its many parks and playgrounds. Bridge Park 2, a new public park for the area, will be constructed not far from the York Street F subway stop. The park will have swings, a spray shower, brand-new playground equipment, and a multipurpose synthetic grass field. 

Other than that, Dumbo also boasts a new public library, the first in Brooklyn since the 1970s. Furthermore, The Brooklyn Children's Museum is another popular playground in Dumbo. The community also hosts concerts and other activities appropriate for all ages. Additionally, the fall and winter seasons bring out the neighborhood's full beauty, making now an excellent time to move.

2. Red Hook

A move to Red Hook will require you to travel further north than Dumbo or Downtown Brooklyn, but this should not deter you if you're willing to put up with some traffic. Moving to Red Hook may be the best option for people looking to raise their families in quiet residential areas. Indeed, the neighborhood is home to several lovely residential areas and community spaces, such as the Van Brunt Playground and the Spuyten Duyvil Creek Park. Furthermore, several elementary schools in the area have recently received significant upgrades and expansions to meet the growing population's needs. Given these enhancements and other family-friendly amenities, the Red Hook neighborhood is an excellent choice for raising children in New York City. Therefore, if that is what you're looking for, you can quickly settle in with expert help, maybe even before the end of the holiday season.

3. Boerum Hill

Like other parts of Brooklyn known for its historic brownstones, Boerum Hill is conveniently close to downtown. It is also close to the shopping and entertainment hubs of the Fulton Mall, City Point, and the Barclays Center. Additionally, Boerum Hill is home to several green spaces and recreational areas that give the neighborhood its signature atmosphere. The popular Boerum Park, Carroll Park, and the quieter Cobble Hill Park are among them. Thousands of people gather in these parks each year for the Halloween Parade.

Furthermore, in Boerum Hill, you will find many amenities. Among them are the YMCA, the New York Transit Museum, multiplex, art house cinemas, Trader Joe's, Michael's, and Marshall's. Finding a crew to get you here is easy. Therefore, if you like what you've heard, there is no reason to postpone your relocation. 

4. Windsor Terrace

You will find Windsor Terrace immediately over Prospect Park. It is a great place for people who find Park Slope's rent too high. Windsor Terrace is more residential, and some would even say more sleepy than the surrounding neighborhoods. Windsor Terrace may be a dream come true if you enjoy peace (but still want to live in Brooklyn). We've mentioned that Windsor Terrace is near Prospect Park and Park Slope. That allows families to enjoy the best of both neighborhoods without driving. Close by are Prospect Park's Parade Grounds and Vanderbilt and Greenwood playgrounds. That guarantees that you will never be at a loss for kid-friendly activities.

Additionally, you will find some of the best elementary and middle schools in the city within District 15, which includes Windsor Terrace. One of the defining features of Windsor Terrace is that it mostly has single- and multi-family homes rather than apartment complexes. That means that it doesn't have many renters. However, it also means that it is a better neighborhood for people who want to buy a permanent home rather than rent one. We think this is an ideal neighborhood for raising a family in Brooklyn and want a quiet life in the Greenpoint/Prospect Heights area.

5. Brooklyn Heights

And last but certainly not least on our list of the best areas for raising a family in Brooklyn is Brooklyn Heights. It is the home to all of the city's most endearing hallmarks. This region is great for families because of its historic buildings, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and unique community atmosphere. Soon, there will be a new library and a permanent public pool at Squibb Park. Furthermore, there are several prestigious private schools in the area, and the public schools were rezoned to accommodate the growing population. In addition to that, downtown Brooklyn and the DUMBO area are both close by. However, due to its rising popularity, Brooklyn Heights has seen a rise in the median value of its residences to slightly over $1 million. On the other hand, if you are looking to rent, you will be looking at a price somewhere around $3,800.

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