There is more to selling a home than just simply putting a sign in the yard and waiting. In fact, successfully selling a home involves many real estate trade-secrets, which seasoned real estate agents are eager to share.

1. Overselling In Listings Turns Potential Buyers Off

When listing a property, photos or descriptions that exaggerate the property may work to peek buyers' attention initially. However, when they actually view the property in person, it can be a real let down if it does not live up to the advertisement causing them to turn away. Instead, real estate agents stress that you should detail the unique characteristics of the property, but don't oversell it to keep buyers interested.

2. Consider Using Price-Strategy Bands

Home buyers generally look to spend within a specific price range. For instance, a buyer looking for a $800,000 home may set a price range between $785,000-$810,000. Therefore, real estate agents suggest pricing the property at $799,000, which will attract buyers looking to purchase a home between $810,000-$835,000.

3. Avoid Real Estate Black Holes

A real estate black hole is a listing that buyers will never see and typically occurs when a property is listed during busy times, such as holiday weekends or family vacations, which can cause it to get lost in the excitement of things. Therefore, real estate agents recommend ?listing the property ?during more opportune times to avoid having the listing fall into a black hole.

4. Know The Home-Buying Month

Real estate agents advise that the month of June is usually the season that is consistently more profitable than all the other months in home sales. In fact, according to reports?, home sales during the month of June typically average about 29% higher.

5. Buyers Can't Resist A Healthy Lawn

Real estate agents stress that buyers love a beautiful lawn. In fact, some agents have even been known to order professional lawn care services just prior to showings in order to increase their sales.

6. Beware Of Agents Who Offer A Discount On Their Commissions

Real estate agents warn that sellers get what they pay for, therefore, beware of agents that offer commission discounts in order to try to gain business. Instead, they recommend hiring an above average agent who is skilled at handling deals perfectly and swiftly and sells the property at a favorable price, so sellers get their money's worth.