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Managing Your First Rental Property:
Helpful Resources for Getting Started


Ready to manage a rental property? Buying a home, conducting market research, and maintaining a rental can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re completely new to real estate. Try not to let the complicated details scare you away from developing a lucrative rental business! Whether you want to run a short-term or long-term rental, use the following resources to help you get your bearings, and be sure to contact Century 21 MK Realty to help you find the right property!


Buy and Fix Up a Home

Purchasing a home and fixing it up are the first steps involved in managing a rental property.


3 Tips on How to Choose a Rental Property

Search Online for Potential Properties and Contact Melanie Kishk to Set Up Home Tours

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Do Market Research

Conducting market research will help you learn about the demographics in your area and come up with realistic rental rates.


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7 Real Estate Demographic Factors That Determine a Successful Investment

How Your Investment Property Can Compete in the Rental Market


Hire Help

Having the right people on your team will make your life a lot easier when it comes to managing your rental property.


Make Your Job as a Landlord Easier With the Help of a Property Management Team

Vacation Rental 101: Housekeeping

How to Hire a Handyman for Rental Property


Avoid Common Mistakes

From making emotional decisions to letting rentals sit empty for too long, rental property owners can fall victim to costly mistakes.


Real Estate Realities: Grasping Property Investing Success by Letting Your Emotions Go

How Long is Too Long? Dealing With Vacant Rental Properties

Guide to How to File Online to Form Your Own Limited Liability Company in New York


Investing in a rental property can be a rewarding business venture. Be prepared to do plenty of work as you look for the perfect property, finance your big purchase, and turn it into a livable space. Remember, it may take some time to build personal wealth using your rental. As long as you can stay organized and motivated, you’re bound to be a great landlord!