"Installing solar panels on my home in Brooklyn makes no sense, right?"


Did you know that Brooklyn is one of the best places in the country to install solar?

Keep in mind that solar electric panels work on the light of the sun, not the heat of the sun. So even now in the winter the panels are producing power every day. Now it's true that California or Florida have more sunlight; however, what we have in NYC that they don't is a great incentive package. Between tax credits, rebates and property tax abatements installing solar on your home in Brooklyn boasts a 4 year break even on the investment! Rather than renting power from ConEd we can choose to own our power.

So now you know that solar can help save on utility costs while generating clean electricity for the grid. The great news is that solar homes have also been shown to achieve price premiums and to sell faster than non-solar homes – big advantages!  The most recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories showed that solar homes achieved price premiums ranging from about $2 to almost $7 per watt. This means the owner of a new 10kW system might expect $20-$70K premium depending on many variables like system size, age and market location.