When Is it Time to Sell Your Home and Move to Assisted Living?
Look for These Signs


Perhaps you’ve never worried much about whether your senior loved one could live independently, but recently, you’ve been wondering if their health might be declining. But you’re not sure if they would really be happier and healthier in an assisted living facility. This isn’t an easy decision to make, but a few telltale signs can help you come to a conclusion. If you’re on the fence about encouraging your loved one to sell their home and move to an assisted living facility, look for these warning signs, brought to you by Century 21 MK Realty.


Lack of Company


Loneliness is a problem for many seniors, especially those who live alone. Even if you try to visit your loved one whenever possible, they may still experience loneliness. Many seniors have seen their children move out and their spouses pass away, while some of their neighbors have also relocated for retirement. Overall, it’s a perfect recipe for loneliness. If your loved one is in this situation, they might benefit from living in a senior community that grants residents a higher degree of independence.


Loss of Mobility


As we age, we all naturally slow down a bit - it’s simply unavoidable, and your loved one may be adjusting to a loss of mobility. The average house isn’t designed with accessible features, which can make life difficult for seniors as the years go by.


Some seniors decide to hire contractors to make helpful modifications to their homes, but this is not a viable option for every senior. The next time you see your loved one in their home, take note if they have trouble navigating certain rooms. If you see fixtures and design flaws that could pose fall risks, your loved one may be safer in an assisted living facility.


Chronic Medical Conditions


For most seniors, frequent doctor’s appointments and taking medications simply go hand in hand with aging. According to Aging Care, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are all common medical conditions that seniors struggle with. Your loved one might be diagnosed with one of these ailments, or they might be living with another condition.


Having a chronic medical condition doesn’t mean that your loved one can’t enjoy a high quality of life, but if they don’t get the professional support necessary to meet their needs and manage their treatments, their symptoms could become debilitating. In this case, your loved one may need to move into a nursing home for their own safety. These accommodations offer seniors 24-hour supervision and skilled nursing care to ensure they’re well cared for. Take the time to carefully explore which Brooklyn nursing homes are the best fit for your senior loved one’s needs and budget.


Starting the Conversation


Wondering how to broach this sensitive topic with your loved one? Even though you might be nervous to bring it up, it’s best to talk about assisted living sooner rather than later. Choose a time to speak with your loved one in private, and be prepared for the conversation to get a little emotional.


Don’t make your loved one feel as though you’re forcing them into making a specific choice. Emphasize that you are looking out for them and only want what’s best for their health and well-being. You will likely have to have more than one conversation about assisted living with your loved one, so you should be open to revisiting the topic if they aren’t comfortable talking about it right away.


It can be hard to tell when it’s time for your senior loved one to sell their home and move into an assisted living facility. Sometimes, the signs aren’t so obvious. But if you carefully observe their behavior for a while and begin to notice concerning changes, it’s time to begin looking into different facilities. At an assisted living facility, they will be able to get the care and support they truly need.


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