Why We ♥ New York



My husband, Jack, was on the phone and had just mouthed the word, “Wyoming.”


I looked at him and said, “What are you talking about?”


He was on the phone with a seller who has an oceanfront condo in Brooklyn. I heard Jack say, “Why are you selling?”


The seller said he was moving to Wyoming. He said he bought a house there two months ago and it had already increased by $200,000 in value. He told Jack he doesn’t like the direction of the city these days. He says he wants out.


If you only listen to comments you hear around the country, you might think New York City has become a ghost town. You might think the real estate boom the rest of the country is experiencing can be traced to a mass exodus of people beating a hasty retreat out of New York.


Sure, 2020 was a rough year, but like all real estate market cycles we are already bouncing back. We’ve seen ups and downs here before and the smart money always says bet on NYC in the long run to come back better than ever.


I’m here to tell you that New York’s streets aren’t empty, yet. My hours spent at the office are getting longer and our team is busier than ever. We are living and working right here in New York, and we LOVE it!


When I asked our team to tell me why they would rather be here than any other place in the world, their answers were serious and sentimental and even silly. In case you’re wondering why we stay here I’m sharing our top ten reasons, based on our experience and real statistics.

Here are our top 10 reasons why we're in New York to stay:

Reason #10 - "There's always something to do and see on NY's busy streets. Working here gives us a chance at different opportunities within a few blocks of each other and close to home." 

Esther Anteby, CENTURY 21 MK Realty agent

Reason #9 – The real estate market in NY is going strong. Closed sales were 36.7% higher in March 2021 over March 2020, before the pandemic! Pending sales were 59.1% higher than last year.

New York State Association of Realtors (NYSAR) Housing Report

Reason #8 – It’s New York. You can dress up or walk down the street in your pajamas, and no one even notices. (But strangers might randomly throw change into your coffee cup.)

Reason #7 - "Edgy, interesting, dynamic, and fun. These are the words that come to mind when I think of why I love this city. Brooklyn's got history, diversity, and amazing energy. An abundance of different cultures adds so much to the experience of living, working, and navigating through the many neighborhoods and all that they offer.”

Dorit Vaknin, CENTURY 21 MK Realty agent

Reason #6 – This is the best time ever to sign a lease in NY! Rents are down, and landlords are offering concessions like two free months' rent. In February 2021, there were 1,834 new leases signed in Brooklyn. That's a 133% increase over February 2020.

Douglas Elliman report

Reason #5 – It’s a very social experience. The neighborhoods are fantastic. You can walk out your door and within 5-minutes see an amazing restaurant, a terrific school, a gas station, lots of shopping, and a park for the kids. Where else can you find this kind of variety without driving an hour? 

Jack Kishk, Century 21 MK Realty

Reason #4 – Sitting in traffic gives you time to return all those phone calls you missed. Hands-free, of course.

Reason #3 – This is also a golden opportunity to rent commercial space in NYC. About 22 million square feet of office space was available for sublet in Manhattan as of Q1 this year.

Savills report

Reason #2 - "I was born and raised in NY and lived here my whole life. My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents lived in NY, and those who passed are buried here. When I walk outside, I am always running into family or friends who have known me my whole life. New York is an extension of my home. It is a town you always come back to, and it is the city that remains with you.

For most of our thirty-two years of marriage, my husband and I have made our anniversary trips all in New York. We still have not run out of new activities to plan, sites to see, trails to follow, and places to celebrate."

Monique Benun, former teacher, currently a mother, grandmother, and CENTURY 21 MK Realty agent

And, drumroll, please, Reason #1 – You can order pizza at midnight from a dozen pizza parlors when you’ve stayed too late at the office, again.

You can’t do that in Wyoming. J