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One of the greatest joys in life is traveling. Visiting new places, experiencing new things, and learning about different cultures is incredibly inciting. And every city has its signature attraction. And while famous tourist attractions are incredible, sometimes those lesser-known spots make the city what it is. Unfortunately, it is hard to learn about those if you are only visiting a new place only for a few days. It takes a while to truly explore a city and learn about all those interesting places that are a little under the radar. So we decided to do something to help anyone planning to visit a new place or perhaps already living in it but never got the chance to explore it. To be more specific, we made a list of some hidden gems of Brooklyn.


What makes Brooklyn so great?

Brooklyn is New York's most populous borough and one of the most interesting ones. It's a city filled with history, culture, and art. It's a bit more relaxed and more community-focused than Manhattan. That's why many people who want to settle and slow down a little choose Brooklyn as their new home, even those who live far away.

Also, moving to Brooklyn from far away and hiring long-distance movers is quite simple, as there are many affordable moving companies. Then once you let experts get you settled, it's time to start exploring the borough. There are some notable features of Brooklyn, like the Brooklyn Bridge and Coney Island, but we will focus on these hidden gems of Brooklyn:


      Le Boudoir

      Bushwick Collective Street Art

      The Puppet Library

      Brooklyn Banja Bathhouse


Caption: There are many hidden gems of Brooklyn worth experiencing and photographing.
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Le Boudoir

Putting the words 18th century France and Brooklyn doesn't make much sense, right? Well, in Le Boudoir, one of the secret gems of Brooklyn, it absolutely does. This is a small craft cocktail bar whose interior is inspired by the design of Marie Antoinette's private chambers she lived in while she was queen. Rooms are filled with deep red color and a lot of golden details. The sofas are colorful and soft, and the lights are dimmed but still pleasant.

This makes the place feel more private and intimate and creates a wonderfully cozy atmosphere. You can enjoy your food, as Brooklyn is famous for that, and drink delicious creative cocktails while live jazz music is playing. This is a perfect place to get to know the borough and its community, especially if you just moved in. You can have a big family dinner, a romantic date, or lunch with friends.


Bushwick Collective Street Art

As we said before, one of the things that make Brooklyn so unique is the culture and art. And one of the shining examples of that is the Bushwick Collective Street Art. If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, visiting this spot is a must, even if you are not a passionate art lover. The creation of this art collective started in 2012, and over time talented street artists from all over the globe have made it what it is today. New murals are being made all the time! You can see the way art progresses and changes through this art collective.

Some people move to Brooklyn just to be close to this incredible display of creativity. According to experts at Clean Cut Moving, many of their clients shared that one of the main reasons they are moving to Brooklyn is experiencing the art and that unique spirit that Brooklyn has.


Caption: Bushwick collective street art will impress even those not big fans of street art.
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The Puppet Library is one of the best hidden gems of Brooklyn

We continue our list of hidden gems of Brooklyn with the Puppet Library. This unique and creative place in Brooklyn College is very under the radar; many locals don't know about that. There are many innovative handmade puppets that go up to 20 feet tall. That sight alone makes it a place worth visiting. Furthermore, there are animal puppets, film and tv character puppets, and all kinds of other creative shapes.


Many New Yorkers might have seen these puppets in one of the parades. But they don't know there is the Puppet Library where they can go and see it all the time. You can take your whole family to see a puppet show, and it is a guarantee that you will have a good time. Also, because this place is so hidden, there won't be a big crowd, so you can relax and enjoy the show.


Brooklyn Banja Bathhouse

We have arrived at the last item on our list, and that is Brooklyn Banja Bathhouse. Even though it is an extensive 10000 square feet facility, this bathhouse is not that well known to people outside of Brooklyn. And that is a huge missed opportunity because the experience here will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It is perfect after you have had a long exhausting week and need to relax. This is an authentic Russian bathhouse at Coney Island that offers services such as:


      Swedish massage

      Relax aroma massage

      Sea salt scrub

      Hot stones massage


Caption: Have a relaxing spa day at an authentic Russian bathhouse in Brooklyn.
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And so much more. As you can see, there is something for everyone. The staff is incredibly kind and professional and will ensure you have a great time there. The exact location is 602 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn.

In conclusion

Many hidden gems of Brooklyn will satisfy tourists worldwide and even inspire some people to move there. You can visit 18th-century France-style cocktails bars, enjoy some incredibly creative street art, experience all the glory and weirdness of the Puppet Library in Brooklyn College, and at the end of the day, go and relax at the authentic Russian bathhouse. It's crucial to look under the surface when visiting a new place. There is so much more to see and experience. It's just hidden a little, but it's really worth finding.